The Ultimate Will of Yahweh

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Yahweh our Elohim created Man with the ability to make choices. We refer to this as freewill or self-determination. However this freewill is not unlimited. It is limited in SCOPE (e.g. Sodom and Gomorrah, Israelite captivity, and the flood), TIME (lifespan in this age), and by external INFLUENCE (predestination for Good and temptation for evil). This study can be summed up in two questions:

1. Can we know what Yahweh wants?
2. Will Yahweh accomplish it?

Because Yahweh has infinite Power, Love, Mercy and Will, He will ultimately succeed in the age of the ages (the last age of the controversy which is an age after the millennium) - His will be done.


Man's Will is Limited

Yahweh's Will is Infinite

Ultimate Will

Permissive Will


Yahweh's Ultimate Infinite Will

Ultimately, Man is Predestined

Assurance That Yahweh Will Succeed