Yahweh's Infinite Will

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Yahweh, on the other hand, is all powerful - OMNIPOTENT - INFINITELY powerful. He has the ability to get EVERYTHING and ANYTHING He wants and to ALWAYS get His way. Nothing happens without His permission. Revelation 19:6

He is also OMNISCIENT (all knowing) knowing the end from the beginning. This means that He makes no incorrect decisions.

And He possesses infinite LOVE and infinite MERCY. These traits frequently restrain Him from exercising His ultimate will, allowing man to exercise his own, selfish will in opposition to Yahweh's will. Because Yahweh allows it, man's sinful counter will is called "Yahweh's will". He calls this restraint His "longsuffering" Exodus 34:6, Psalms 86:15, and "striving" Genesis 6:3

Is there any power, beyond Yahweh's voluntary restraint, that is able to constrain Yahweh from getting His way? NONE!

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