Permissive Will

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When something interferes with Yahweh's Ultimate will, He allows something less than perfect to take place. This can be called His "Permissive will". The result isn't what Yahweh perfectly wanted. This is NOT a compromise. It is Yahweh's withdrawal by allowing something He doesn't want.

If man sins, that is opposite Yahweh's ultimate will. But in His longsuffering He allows man to continue for a while. This continuing in sin is "allowed" by Yahweh and He calls it His will. If it weren't His will, He wouldn't have allowed it.

This helps explain episodes, especially in the old testament, where bad things are ascribed to Yahweh and called His will. We know Yahweh doesn't sin, so He couldn't have caused the sin, but He accepts credit/blame/responsibility because He is in charge of EVERYTHING.

As ruler of the universe He has to accept responsibility for anything and everything that happens. If my son breaks a window playing baseball, it is my responsibility, as his father, to pay for the replacement. Likewise, Yahweh, as our Father, accepts responsibility for everything we do, good or bad.

Hitler caused death to millions. Yahweh accepts responsibility for that and calls it His (permissive) will. Did He want Hitler to do that? Absolutely not. Did Yahweh do it? Absolutely not.

Yahweh exercises His permissive will only so long. Eventually, He abandons His longsuffering and the sin is halted.

At the end of this age, Yahweh will be less permissive and in an age following, will finally succeed in accomplishing His Ultimate Perfect will.

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