Ultimate Will

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"Ultimate Will" is what is desired or purposed if there were NO other considerations or limitations. Yahweh has an ultimate will, as do we. Ultimate will is frequently disappointed. Yahweh's "ultimate will" would have had no sin or suffering. But Yahweh, because of His longsuffering, allowed Man to spoil His Perfect Ultimate Will. This has caused Yahweh to "suffer" for a "long" time (longsuffering).

Yahweh has an advantage over us. He knows the future, so He knows that EVERYTHING will ultimately work out, according to His Backup plan. This "backup plan" is really no backup at all, since He knew ALL from the beginning.

Because we can't see the future, it's easy for us to become discouraged or despondent. Our substitute for Yahweh's fore-knowledge is faith. We know that it will all turn out OK, even though it may look impossible at the moment. This is a great advantage we have over the unbeliever.

Romans 8:28
And we know that all things work together for good to them that love יהוה [Yahweh], to them who are the called according to his purpose.

Nobody gets their way all the time, not even Yahweh (at least during this age of sin). Mans' ultimate will, like Yahweh's ultimate will, is sometimes spoiled.

The difference is, Yahweh will ULTIMATELY ACCOMPLISH HIS WILL if not in this age, at least in the age of ages and for eternity thereafter. For a complete study of Yahweh's ultimate will, see the book "The Ultimate Purpose of God - All in All New" by Stuart H. Pouliot by clicking here.

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