Mans' Limited Will

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Another work discussed Man's FREEWILL or SELF-DETERMIATION. This study will help put that one in perspective. Even though Yahweh created Man with freewill (ability to make choices) that power is LIMITED.

Many things happen to man outside of freewill. You and I had NO choice over where we were born, the fact that we were born at all, who our parents were, what genes we inherited, where we were raised, and our gender. We had no choice about being born into sin, nor Christ dying to save us. Many things happen that are seemingly coincidental, events over which we seem to have no choice or control. We DO have the choice of how we react to them, but sometimes don't have the power to exercise our ultimate choices.

Many of our choices are compromises, limited by space, time, means, ability and options. A 5'6" forty year old man will have trouble getting a professional basketball contract, no matter his will.

Man's freewill is further limited by other people. When two people have opposite, competing wills, either (1) a compromise is required, or (2) one will withdraw, or (3) one will force the other. If you want to marry someone who hates you, it will be an uphill battle.

The end of Yahweh's "patience" or "longsuffering" also interferes with mans' will. The people before the flood exercised their own wills until Yahweh said "NO MORE". Likewise the people of Sodom and Gomorrah, and Yahweh's own people, many different times. When Yahweh says "ENOUGH" His will intersects and competes with Man's will. Yahweh being more powerful always wins.

Even though man has freewill, he doesn't always get his own way. His Freewill is limited - finite.

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