Conspiracy - The Hidden, Holy Name

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Satan has a plan to unite all the world religions under him (Ecumenism). This will be easier to accomplish if the entire world agrees that they all worship the same god. That "god" will likely be called "LORD" (as in the "Lord's day) and "LORD" which has already been substituted for "Yahweh" in almost all Bibles. Satan has instigated three conspiracies to steal and hide the name of the Almighty. These conspiracies will be unmasked and the Holy, hidden Name revealed in this study, as well as proof of its importance and explicit Biblical commands to use (not hide) this Name. The Holy name will be restored by the "elect" before the "second coming".

This study will challenge the beliefs of most Christians, Jews and Muslims.

I risk losing readers by leading with these (spoiler) conclusions. On the other hand, it is hoped that these conclusions sound so outrageous that curiosity will hold you to see if they can be supported and proven. (I assure you, they will)

Some, hopefully, have suspected these truths and will be hungry for proof.


Importance of a Name

Who Owns Your Name?

Yahweh is My Name

Conspiracy #1 - 200 BC and the Jews

Exposed By the Messiah

Conspiracy #2 - 200 AD and the Catholics

Conspiracy #3 - Today - The Protestants and Me?

Restoration of The Holy Name

"Yahweh" is the ONLY Name that Saves