"Yahweh" is the ONLY Name that Saves

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For a brief history of the name "Yahweh" and why it is largely unknown, see "Conspiracy - The Hidden, Holy Name".

The Muslims say "Allah saves". The Christians say "Jesus saves". The Jews are too afraid to mention the name by which they are saved.

ALL are wrong. There is ONLY one name that saves. It is the Holy, literal name "Yahweh".


"Yahweh" is the personal name of our God.

"Yahweh" named Himself because He has no superior.

"Yahweh" is His name because He said so.

"Yahweh" is the ONLY "HOLY" name

Satan's Three conspiracies to hide the name "Yahweh".
        I.   Conspiracy #1 and the Jews
        II.  Conspiracy #2 and the Catholics
        III. Conspiracy #3 - the Protestants and Me?

"Yahweh" is the ONLY name that SAVES.

TRUST the name of "Yahweh".
PRAISE the name of "Yahweh".
THANK the name of "Yahweh".
CALL ON the name of "Yahweh".
WORSHIP the name of "Yahweh".

"Yahweh" is the name we will be given.

"Yahweh" is the name of the Holy City

"Yahweh" is the name given to His Son, the Messiah

BUT, what about the texts that say Salvation is in the name of "Jesus Christ"?