The Better... Sacrifice, Covenant, Prophet, Priest & King

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This study was the result of a challenge by a reader who claimed that Jesus was NOT the Messiah and that the New Testament couldn't be trusted, having been corrupted by paganism and a corrupt early church. I found that there was some corruption of the New Testament, but it could be properly interpreted (see Conspiracy II).

My reader further claimed that only the Old Testament could be trusted. I found the same corruption in the Old Testament, (see Conspiracy I) but it also can be trusted when properly interpreted. My challenge was to use ONLY the Old Testament (one can't use as proof the very source in question) and see if I could find Jesus, the Messiah.

I soon realized how much I depended on the New Testment for my beliefs. Eventually, I was able to prove to my satisfaction, from the Old Testament alone that Jesus (whose actual Hebrew name was "Yahushua") was the Messiah. This is the result of that study.

Where are the sacrifices, covenants, prophets, priests and kings today? Do they exist? or are they just fanciful stories of the past?


The Better Sacrifice

The Better Covenant

The Better Prophet

The Better Priesthood

The Better King