But, Does it Matter?

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Does belief in the Trinity matter?

Matter for what? I have to ask. We have several possible issues here.

1. The Elect who go to Heaven at the second coming? (Barley Harvest)

After the New Jerusalem returns to Earth (the 3rd Coming), all who are still dead will be resurrected (see Post-millennial Resurrection)
2. Those who knew the bridegroom but lacked the Spirit of Christ? (Wheat Harvest)
3. Those who denied or hated Yahweh - trodden in the wine-press? (Grape Harvest)

To which issue does your question refer?

First and most importantly, I am not the judge. We do, however, have evidence of how the judgment will play out.

The short answer is, ALL will ultimately be saved (see All in All in the Father). So, in this respect, it ultimately won't matter. What does matter is How? (and when?) Easy? or Hard? When my daughter was little, she HATED to have her hair washed. Her mother and I would say "We can do it the easy way or we can do it the hard way, but we are going to do it." This is what the Father has told us. We are His, He made us and he will Redeem us (easy or hard, one way or another, but His will be done). (see Predestined To Be Saved)

More specifically to the point. Will idolaters or Satan worshipers or worshipers of false gods be part of the Elect? No! The elect are Overcomers who have the faith of Yahweh. see Barley Harvest and "Yahweh" is the ONLY name that SAVES

Will they be saved? Ultimately and finally, YES, but not easily.

Why did I mention these ungodly people? Because belief in the Trinity turns people (who think they are followers of Christ) into these ungodly followers of Satan. People who would never think of joining the occult or seeking the witch of Endor (1 Samuel 28:7) do all these things. Hear me out. I know this is a hard saying and we need to remember that Satan, the serpent is more subtil than any other creature (Genesis 3:1) and like an angry lion seeking to devour you (1 Peter 5:8).

If there is ONLY ONE God and you are worshiping a second or even a third (false god), is that not idolatry? Polytheism? All condemned by His Word. (Luke 4:8)

Reading Revelation chapters 13 and 14 we find that the mark of the beast is about who we worship. Isaiah 14:12-14 says that Satan desires to be worshiped as God. But if Satan asked you to worship him, would you do it? Of course not. And Satan of course knows this. So Satan gets himself a front man and props him up so when they are worshiped, he receives worship by proxy. This is called worship by representation. There are two ways Satan does this.

The first way is through a false day of worship (see Satan's False Sabbaths). For those who are unaware, Scripture informs us that the Lord's Sabbath is a sign that it is Yahweh whom we worship and Yahweh who sanctifies us when we keep His Seventh day Holy. Revelation 13:2 says Satan gave his power, throne and great authority to the first beast which is the Papal Church system (see "Think to Change Times and Laws"). When this beast power is being worshiped, who is really being worshiped? Satan himself! Where does worship come into this? By Satan through the Catholic Church implementing his own day of worship, Sunday. That is, Sunday worship that evolved from sun worship. Or by Saturday worship which was adopted by the Rabbinical Pharisaic, sons' of Satan (John 8:44), Talmudic Jews (see "A.D. 70 - Destruction of Jerusalem").

The second way is by worship of the Holy Spirit (the Trinity) as a non-existent literal "Divine" being, and so Satan steps in to receive this worship by representation once again. This was something he put in place a long time ago (in 381 A.D.). The Bible never teaches that the Holy Spirit is God or that the Holy Spirit should be prayed to or worshiped, and yet the Catholic Church does. Today there are more and more other denominations doing the same.

Remember, Satan has had centuries to perfect his lies. Do you believe he wouldn't attempt to counterfeit the Word of the God? He attempted to fool even the Son of Man. Knowledge of the scriptures was the Son's only defense.

So, what do the scriptures say?

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