Holy Days
Of Remembrance and Anticipation


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In the popular movie "You've Got Mail", Tom Hanks claims that every question of life is answered by the movie, "The Godfather".

For Christians, every question of salvation is answered in the feasts, holy days and parables of harvest.

The feasts and holy days act as the model, the parables are the view or explanation.

Many Christians have discarded the holy days under the mistaken belief that they are sacrifice based, and because the sacrifices were done away at the cross, therefore the holy feast days must also have been done away. There is no scriptural authority for this belief. The apostles observed the feasts after Christ returned to Heaven, disproving the claim that they were "nailed to the cross" (see What was Nailed to the Cross?). In fact, there is scriptural authority that, instead of being discarded, they will be observed in Heaven and for eternity (or at least until the Messiah Yahusua's death loses all meaning).

The holy days, in addition to being related to sacrifices, were also feast days. No Christian claims that eating or feasting was done away at the cross. They correctly state that the sacrifices were done away. They incorrectly extrapolate that feasts, memorials, commemorations, remembrances and "Holy" days of convocation were also eliminated.

Yahweh called them "His" "feasts and holy convocations" (Leviticus 23:1-4). Does anyone believe that God ever destroys anything He set apart as holy?

Sacrifices were not sanctified. Even the death of the Messiah has never been referred to as "Holy". Instead, it was the greatest criminal act ever perpetrated, the murder of the Son of the Almighty! The only sacrifice ever declared holy is the living sacrifice described in Romans 12:1.

In contrast, there are many holy days, holy convocations and holy and solemn feasts mentioned and described in scriptures.

All the holy convocation feast days look forward and backward, in commemoration and anticipation. Only after the end of the great controversy, will there be nothing more to anticipate because all will have been fulfilled. But there will be even more, then, to commemorate.

The first passover is a commemoration of physical deliverance of the children of Israel from Egyptian bondage. It also looked forward to the coming Messiah's passover. The great passover of the Messiah's passion is now a commemoration of Spiritual deliverance of the Children of Yahweh delivered from the bondage of Satan. The feast of passover no longer looks forward to either of these Passovers. For this reason it is claimed to have been abandoned. But it still COMMEMERATES both memorable passover days. We don't know what future Passovers still lie ahead for our anticipation.

Who can claim, with any authority, that either of these holy celebration days, given and sanctified by God, should be discarded and replaced by Easter bunnies or Santa Claus? There is none.

I suspect, without any proof other than knowing my Father and how he has operated in the past, that Yahweh will set aside, sanctify and memorialize for eternity, the celebration of the day of His second coming. There is a high probability that it might even occur on a holy day previously set aside, maybe the day of trumpets?

Because the holy feast days have been discarded, understanding the harvests and their meaning in the plan of salvation have been missed.

Yahweh used the annual cycle of planting and harvest as an illustrative model for His eternal plan of salvation and redemption.

Most Christians understand the significance of the barley and tares and the seed thrown on rocky land.

Almost no one understands the difference between the wheat harvest and the barley harvest. And even fewer recognize or consider the grape and oil (third and final) harvest.

Yahweh's plan will be completed whether we understand it or not.

If we understand His plan, we will better understand and know Him. His character of love will be better revealed so it can be better reflected in our lives.

Restore the holy feast days in your life and consider their meaning. Allow the Spirit to impress upon you, the three harvests (not one, but THREE harvests).