Worldview of Control

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Mel Brookes' TV spy spoof of the 60's, "Get Smart" represents these two sides as "Control" and "Kaos".

The bumbling spy, Maxwell Smart sums it up with:

"Once again the forces of niceness and goodness have triumphed over the forces of evil and rottenness." (listen here)

There is more truth in this ridiculous parody than one originally suspects.

"Control" is synonymous with the word "Order" which is the opposite of "Chaos" (Kaos). Chaos is synonymous with the words "confusion" and "Babel" or "Babylon", which Biblically, represent the camp of Satan.

This is NOT a study or debate about creation vs evolution (HOW did it happen?) or atheism vs Deism (WHO did it?), even though both questions are represented in the opposing sides.

It is a close look at the more basic question "WHY?" (accident or design) which results in the foundational philosophies that support each view and where they lead. If everything doesn't neatly fit your worldview, you may consider re-examining it.

Control implies a design... a plan and a creation

If there is a designer / maker, He is the Ultimate authority and can dictate Morals and Law.

Good law will lead to Peace and harmony.

Maintain traditional culture and morals.

Jerusalem is the City of (God) Yahweh, where His citizens dwell in harmony and peace.

If there is no designer, there is no one superior to myself. Everything that happens is by accident or chance. I answer to no one and can do whatever I want, as can everyone else. This theory is causing the current world chaos.

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