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Weltanschauung, Welt ('world') and Anschauung ('view' or 'outlook'), is a concept fundamental to German philosophy and refers to a wide world perception. It also refers to the framework of ideas and beliefs through which an individual watches and interprets the world and interacts with it.

There are two (and only two) completely opposite, most basic worldviews. One or the other is right, the opposite is wrong. There are no other alternatives. These two worldviews are those from the opposite camps of the great controversy, the controversy between Yahweh and Satan, good and evil.

Neither worldview has absolute, conclusive scientific or religious proof. Both views have significant evidence, but both must be accepted on faith. That means that the worldview of even the most devout scientist is still faith-based.

Lowest common denominator

Any worldview that is not founded on the answer to the most basic question may have a faulty foundation. The most basic question of all is "WHY AM I HERE?" Was the world, universe, life - "built / made / created / evolved" by DESIGN? Yes or No?

Am I here by "DESIGN"?

There can be no more basic question than this. The answer is binary, either "yes" or "no", there is no other possibility. "Maybe" is an admission of ignorance, but it isn't a potentially correct answer. "Sort of" doesn't exist.

Even if the theory of evolution were proven conclusively true, that wouldn't prove the absence or presence of "Design", so we aren't debating evolution. If the theory of creation were proven true (it also can't be proven or disproven) it would imply design, a designer, a creator. The question of "Design" is more basic to our origination than "How".

Creation and evolution both try to answer "HOW?".

The question, "Was there a Design?" asks "WHY?"

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