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Chance - accidental
Evolution - it just happened, accidentally
War / dischord / disharmony
I am the ultimate authority

Consider in your mind's eye, two opposite mental images:

1. An army marching in precise order.

2. An army retreating in chaos and confusion.

One or the other of these mental pictures will better reflect your worldview - "Design and Order" or "Chaos, Confusion and Chance". This isn't an admonishment for war and armies, but simply an example of the contrast between ORDER and CHAOS.

Complete confusion and disorder : a state in which behavior and events are not controlled by anything.

The CHAOS of a crowd is used by the pick-pocket to lift your wallet. The cover of CHAOS is used by rioters to loot. Confusion is used to distract attention from what is important. Government and the media use confusion to keep us from seeing what we should. Satan uses confusion to keep our attention and allegiance away from God.

Lack of DESIGN in anything (cars, buildings, government, people) leads to CHAOS (disorganization). If you look at nature, the universe or the human body and see organization, you see the result of design. It would be ludicrous to attempt building a skyscraper or a person without planning or design. Chaos in the world is man-made and Satan inspired. Lack of design or poor design results in confusion, disorganization and Chaos. There is even purposeful chaos, as we will see soon.

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