Chance - Random Accidents

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If one denies the existence of DESIGN (hence also a designer), the only alternative basic worldview is a universe WITHOUT design - existing solely by chance, MULTIPLE RANDOM ACCIDENTS.

Evolution is the only theory that could support this worldview, so it was postulated. It is only a "theory" without proof. Many "scientists" will claim that their evidence is proof, but true legitimate science must be proved by investigation, observation, reproducibility, demonstrability and measurement by empirical means and testing. Any claim that does not meet these scientific standards is only evidence. Acceptance of any evidence without proof is dogma (pseudo-science).

How sad it would be to have a worldview that concludes that "I am an accident". No wonder there is so much chaos and lack of direction.

The "Accident" school provides its evidence, as does the "Design" school. All evidence can be considered, but there isn't "PROOF" on either side. So, they both continue as theories, accepted by faith. Here are a couple excellent articles challenging the faith of accidental chance, Darwin Unhinged (locally here) and Darwinian Biology Questioned; Missing “The Guiding Hand” (locally here).

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