Weeks in Yahweh's Time

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Both Satan's week and Yahweh's week consist of seven days. A counterfeit has to appear genuine.

The biggest difference is how and when the weeks start. Satan removed the landmarks (boundaries) of his weeks (Job 24:1-2). He instituted (for the first time in history) a perpetually repeating week without landmarks. Yahweh always starts the first week of every month with a readily observable event (a landmark, a boundary). That landmark is the first crescent moon, which starts the first week of every month.

This landmark is always followed by four weeks of seven days, each with its own signal event, the sabbath moons, signaling the final day of the week and leading to the start of each new week.

The Sabbath moons (slightly simplified) appear as follows. On the left is the first sabbath moon, then the second sabbath moon, the third sabbath moon, and on the right the fourth and last sabbath moon.

This means that there is a readily observable landmark (boundary) at the start and end of every week of Yahweh's time, signaled by His sign in the Heavens, His moon.

The continuous, perpetually repeating cycle of weeks starting with creation and having no landmarks, ever, and no start or end, is a false doctrine without any proof. (see Perpetual Weekly Cycle). It could never happen and is opposed to Yahweh's word concerning His signs in the Heavens.

Here is Yahweh's time demonstrated. So easy and practical!

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