Perpetually Repeating Weekly Cycle

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Using Satan's counterfeit time, it is impossible to determine or "observe" (find, see) Yahweh's Sabbath. Satan's week has no observable beginning or end (other than looking at a fictional printed calendar - I say "fictional" because it is based on nothing). Any calendar can be printed starting with any day, and it will be just as correct. You might say the week starts on "Sunday" (as it does in most of North America), but in many other parts of the world, printed calendars show weeks starting on "Monday" with "Sunday" as the seventh day.

What proof or argument or evidence do you have for the start of the week to be ANY one day.

No one can prove another right or wrong because there is no observable start or finish. There is no landmark or boundary. Like much of Satan's ways, there is no right or wrong. It is all relative. Looking at one of Satan's calendars gives no help at all.

If one strives to reach the conclusion of a named day Sabbath without the existence of Yahweh's landmarks for the month and week, one is only left with the option of claiming a perpetual weekly cycle since creation. I have heard this claim often, but NEVER with any proof or reason.

One web author (supporting a perpetual weekly cycle since creation) admitted that the Sabbath MAY have been lost between Creation and Exodus, but Yahweh would have straightened it out with Moses. Again, it MAY have been lost between Exodus and Christ, but Christ would have straightened it out. What if it got lost after Christ? There is no way to get it straightened out. Silliness. Search the scriptures all you want, there was NEVER a question about WHEN Sabbath was. Everybody knew WHEN, because it has always been the seventh day after the start of every new month until Satan used his minion to "think to change times". The only question was whether Yahweh's people would KEEP HOLY His Sabbaths.

Since creation there have been two million, one hundred ninety six thousand, nine hundred and thirty five days (2,196,935, give or take a few thousand).

Two or three times a week I have to ask "What day is it today?" Usually, I have "lost" a day. If I can't keep track of a handful of days, who (and how many who's?) managed to keep track of 2,196,935 days? And where are their records?

No one knows for sure how many YEARS have passed since creation. We don't even know how many years it's been since Christ's crucifixion. There is a controversy amongst experts regarding the year of crucifixion that no one can conclusively prove. On what day was Christ crucified? Don't tell me Friday. "Friday" didn't exist in Jerusalem when Jesus was on the earth. I realize that it was preparation day, but that is the point of this whole study, we don't know what day that preparation day was in Satan's time. If we don't know the day or year of Christ's crucifixion, we certainly don't know the number of days since creation (which would be required to verify or confirm or justify a perpetual weekly cycle).

Most perpetual weekly cycle advocates start with their preconceived notion as the conclusion and then look for a year that satisfies, using a calendar that didn't exist at that time.

Each year my daughter puts hay in the barn. She pays for each bale, so counts as they are unloaded. She has found that she is unable to keep track of 300 bales of hay without a counter, either losing count or questioning her count.

If she can't keep track of 300 bales of hay (and her sole job for an hour or two is counting them) then how did mankind manage to keep track of 2,196,935 days without dropping or adding a single one? It didn't happen. There is no proof or record of it happening. And it would have been impossible.

Nobody even tried.

Here is an example of a perpetual weekly cycle calendar with days represented by colors instead of names. This is done to eliminate bias. Where is the start and end of any week? Where is the week break? Which is the seventh day? It is impossible to know because there is no observable landmark. If there is no start and no end, there is no 1st day or 7th day. There is only Red-day, Green-day, Blue-day, etc. This is Satan's and Rome's false perpetual week with differently named days. Rome then declared "Yellow-day" to be the sabbath. And some Christians have fallen into the trap by arguing, "No, Yahweh's true Sabbath isn't Yellow-day, it's Blue-day! It has been Blue-day ever since creation!"

But Blue-day didn't exist at the time of creation, nor at the time of Christ. One can't argue time using a false time.

Until fairly recently, the world used Yahweh's reckoning of time. Each "new moon" announced a new month and a new week. Seven days later was Sabbath. Yahweh didn't even allow man to count four weeks (and four Sabbaths). Instead, He gave a sign for EVERY one of His Sabbaths. With Yahweh's reckoning of time one could be asleep for a year like Rip Van Winkle and after waking, still know what day Sabbath would be. There could be no arguing with the neighbors about the day count because if it got off or was questionable, it would self-correct at the start of the next month.

The perpetual week was created by Rome, first in its ancient calendar, confirmed in its Julian calendar and later reconfirmed by the Gregorian calendar. It did NOT exist before that. The ancient Roman calendar, before the Julian calendar, was an 8 day week. It is impossible to successfully continue a 7 day perpetual week for 700 years through an 8 day week period. It didn't happen. Here is an early Roman calendar for a year. Each column is a month, and each month contains vertical weeks of days A-H, eight days per week. The eight day week continued until after the time of Christ.

Even more destructive to the claim that Saturday has perpetually been the seventh day of the week, is the fact that when Rome finally did adopt a seven day week, Saturday was the FIRST DAY of the week (See Saturn at the top left with the sickle) and Sunday was the SECOND DAY of the week (note the second figure with sun-rays beaming from her head). This is a drawing of a calendar found at the Baths of Titus (constructed A.D. 79 – 81)

Daniel 7:25
And he shall speak great words against the most High, and shall wear out the saints of the most High, and think to change times and laws:

How much more simple, intuitive, practical and effective is Yahweh's time!

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