Months in Yahweh's Time

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There are major differences between Satan's months and Yahweh's months.

1. There are the obvious differences in the names. Most of Satan's months were named after false pagan gods, some were named after political leaders (mainly themselves).

2. There is no rhyme or reason for the lengths of Satan's months. The number of days in each month is random and purely arbitrary. Some were shortened and some lengthened, mostly for egotistical reasons.

3. Most importantly, there is no observable beginning or end to Satan's months. The months quit when the total number of fictionally assigned days have been reached. Because the days are completed, it must be the start of a new month. If you don't remember how many days a month has, you can't know when a new month starts.

4. The endings and beginnings have no consideration of whether the week has finished or not. Many of Satan's months contain only incomplete, partial, unfinished weeks, which overlap months.

Yahweh's months all start and end with a readily observable event, announced by His moon in the heavens as a sign. That event is a "new moon". Here is how a new moon looks:

Every time you see this moon, you can know that one of Yahweh's new months is starting.

Yahweh's months ALL consist of four complete weeks plus new moon day(s). Some months have one new moon day, some have two. No month contains any incomplete (unfinished) week. Yahweh leaves nothing incomplete.


And here is a complete month as signaled by Yahweh's sign in the Heavens, signaling not only the start of each month, but also each Sabbath day.

What a Master Planner our Creator is! Twelve of these cycles make a year.

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