Parables of Christ

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Jesus spoke in parables to hide the truth from Satan's followers and to explain and enlighten the truth in His own followers. Even then, His disciples frequently didn't understand and needed further explanation. (Matthew 13:10-17).

For a general discussion of Parables, see here

The parables are all here, but the commentaries are still in progress.

Title Text Reference Group
Barren fig tree  Luke 13:06-09      Judgement
Budding Fig Tree  Matthew 24:32-35      Harvest
Budding Fig Tree  Mark 13:28-31      Harvest
Budding Fig Tree  Luke 21:29-33      Harvest
Counting the Cost  Luke 14:28-33      Count the Cost
Drawing in the Net  Matthew 13:47-50      Judgement
Faithful Servant  Matthew 24:42-51      Faithful
Faithful Servant  Mark 13:34-37      Faithful
Faithful Servant  Luke 12:36-48      Faithful
Friend at midnight  Luke 11:05-13      Prayer
Good Samaritan  Luke 10:25-37      Love
Great Banquet  Matthew 22:1-14      Judgment
Great Banquet  Luke 14:15-24      Judgment
Hidden Treasure  Matthew 13:44      Treasure
Honoured Place  Luke 14:07-14      Humility
Householder  Matthew 13:52      Treasure
Lamp under a Bushel  Luke 08:16-18      Word of Kingdom of God
Lamp under a Bushel  Mark 04:21-25      Word of Kingdom of God
Lamp under a Bushel  Matthew 05:14-16      Word of Kingdom of God
Leaven  Matthew 13:33      Kingdom
Leaven  Luke 13:20-21      Kingdom
Lost (Prodigal) Son  Luke 15:11-32      Lost is Found
Lost Coin  Luke 15:08-10      Lost is Found
Lost Sheep  Luke 15:03-07      Lost is Found
Lost Sheep  Matthew 18:11-14      Lost is Found
Master and Servant  Luke 17:7-10      Judgement
Mustard Seed  Luke 13:18-19      Seed
Mustard Seed  Mark 04:30-32      Seed
Mustard Seed  Matthew 13:31-32      Seed
Old and New Cloth and Wineskins  Mark 02:21-22      Incongruities
Old and New Cloth and Wineskins  Luke 05:36-39      Incongruities
Old and New Cloth and Wineskins  Matthew 09:16-17      Incongruities
Pearl  Matthew 13:45-46      Treasure
Pharisees and the Publican  Luke 18:10-14      Humility
Rich Fool  Luke 12:16-21      Treasure
Rich man and Lazarus  Luke 16:19-31      Word of Kingdom of God
Seed to Harvest  Mark 04:26-29      Seed
Sheep and the Goats  Matthew 25:31-46      Judgement
Sheep, Gate and Shepherd  John 10:1-6      The Good Shepherd
Sower  Matthew 13:3-9      Seed
Sower  Mark 04:3-9      Seed
Sower  Luke 08:05-08      Seed
Strong Man  Mark 03:27      Enemy Bound
Strong Man  Luke 11:21-22      Enemy Bound
Strong Man  Matthew 12:29      Enemy Bound
Talents  Matthew 25:14-30      Judgement
Ten Minas  Luke 19:12-27      Judgement
Ten Virgins  Matthew 25:1-13      Judgement
Two Debtors  Luke 07:41-43      Forgiveness
Two Sons  Matthew 21:28-32      Judgement
Unforgiving Servant  Matthew 18:23-35      Forgiveness
Unjust Judge  Luke 18:1-9      Prayer
Unjust Steward  Luke 16:1-13      Faithful
Wheat and Tares  Matthew 13:24-30 and 36-43      Seed
Wicked Husbandmen  Mark 12:1-9      Judgement
Wicked Husbandmen  Luke 20:9-16      Judgement
Wicked Husbandmen  Matthew 21:33-41      Judgement
Wise and the Foolish Builders  Luke 06:46-49      The Rock
Wise and the Foolish Builders  Matthew 07:24-27      The Rock
Workers in the Vineyard  Matthew 20:1-16      Judgement