The 7th Sabbaths of Years Sabbath

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In the previous chapter we discovered the Sabbath of years. Six years of work and the seventh is a Sabbath rest. The typical 7th cycle pause.

Yahweh projected this one period further. He called these seventh years a "sabbath of years". This proves that He considered the seventh year to be a Sabbath. After seven Sabbaths of Years, there was to be a special yearlong Sabbath called the Jubilee. This isn't the typical 7th cycle pause, but is a pause after the 7th cycle.

“ ‘And you shall count for yourself seven Sabbaths of years, seven times seven years, and they shall be for you time periods of years: forty-nine years. And you shall cause a loud horn blast to be heard on the seventh month on the tenth of the month; on the Day of Atonement you shall cause a ram’s horn to be heard in all your land. And you shall consecrate the fiftieth year, and you shall proclaim a release in the land for all its inhabitants. It is a Jubilee; it shall be for you, and you shall return. You must return—everyone to his property and everyone to his clan. You shall have the fiftieth year as a Jubilee; you must not reap its aftergrowth, and you must not harvest its unpruned vines. Because it is a Jubilee, it shall be holy to you. You must eat its produce from the field. “ ‘In this Year of Jubilee each of you shall return to his property. And when you sell something to your fellow citizen or you buy from your neighbor’s hand, you must not oppress one another. You must buy from your fellow citizen according to the number of years after the Jubilee; he must sell to you according to the number of years of yield. You must increase its price according to a greater number of years, but you must decrease its price according to a lesser number of years, because he is selling its yields to you. And you must not oppress one another, but you shall revere your Elohim, because I am Yahweh, your Elohim. “ ‘And you shall do my statutes, and you must keep my regulations, and you shall do them, so that you shall live securely on the land. And the land shall give its fruit, and you shall eat your fill, and you shall live securely on it. And if you should say, “What shall we eat in the seventh year, if we do not sow and we do not gather its yield?” then I will command my blessing for you in the sixth year, so that it will make the yield for three years. And you will sow in the eighth year, and you shall eat from the old yield; until the ninth year, until the coming of its yield, you shall eat the old yield. “ ‘But the land must not be sold in perpetuity, because the land is mine, because you are aliens and temporary residents with me. And in all your property’s land you must provide redemption for the land. Leviticus 25:8-24

This is the "7th Sabbaths of Years Sabbath" - the Jubilee.

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