The Seven Sabbaths

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Yahweh created time and periods of time. There are SEVEN periods with pauses that He made, which He calls Sabbaths. Each period of time has a built in pause at the SEVENTH CYCLE except the very middle one, which is at the heart of His Seven Sabbaths. The first period is the most frequent and the most important to man. This is the only cycle in the ten commandments. The last cycle is the least frequent (it will occur only once) and is the most important to Yahweh. This is His final day of rest from His work of salvation. In the middle (the heart) is the only period that is NOT a cycle of SEVEN. It is also the ONLY OTHER period that is treated like the 7th day Sabbath. It is shown in red print because it has special importance and to show the symmetry of the other Sabbath days.


Introduction The Sabbath Was Made for Man

1. The 7th Day Sabbath

2. The 7th Week Sabbath

3. The 7th Month Sabbath

4. The Every Month Sabbath

5. The 7th Year Sabbath

6. The 7th "Sabbaths of Years" Sabbath

7. The 7th Millennial Sabbath