Salvation In This Age

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If "Salvation by Faith" means salvation as a gift of Grace through faith in Yahweh, this would be correct and true. This is the salvation that occurs when the King returns to Earth at His 2nd coming to reap the barley harvest. This salvation results in the elect reigning in Heaven with their King for the millennium. This is the salvation in this age.

Salvation in the Ages to Come

There are other, later harvests - the wheat and wine harvests after the millennium. These harvests are not in Heaven and those who are restored in these harvests will not go to Heaven. But neither are they eternally lost. the Son came to Earth to seek and save the lost and He won't be disappointed. He will not fail! The new Jerusalem will come down to the earth, Revelation 21:2. All the saved and (temporarily) unsaved will now be on the earth, NOT in Heaven. There may be faith to save the wheat, but faith cannot save the wine and grapes, because there is no more faith. Even the elect will no longer have faith, they will KNOW. Faith is belief in the unseen. There is nothing still unseen. All has been revealed. For this reason, the judgment at the end of the millennium is based on works, not faith.

It isn't the intention to describe HOW this all happens, but to merely make an introduction. (see Three Harvests of Redemption and Is Hell Eternal?)

Clear Bible verses teach that the Son's atonement was for ALL and we have no choice. We take this on faith like all Bible teachings. But, someday, this too will be revealed.

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