Idolatry (False God) of State

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The most hidden idolatry (faith in and worship of something other than Yahweh) is idolatry of the state. "State" is another name for government. This has become Satan's crowning, most devious, occult and diabolical scheme in his attempt to have all worship him. Even most Christians fail to see the danger of the idolatry of state worship. (also called religion of the state).

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The state has grown to mimic provision of all Yahweh's bounty. Everyone depends on (has faith in) the state to protect them, to care for them in sickness, death and poverty, to provide jobs, to give them justice, to educate their children, to resolve conflicts, to enforce marriage and other contracts.

The state claims ownership of all land within its territory and all children. It claims the resources of everyone within its territory to support it financially.

It claims that it can require people to die for it and to kill others for it. This is MUCH more onerous than any requirement of Yahweh.

More people are recognizing that justice is actually "just us". Justice is increasingly only for the wealthy and there is a saying that "one gets the best justice money can buy".

In fact, the state can provide NOTHING except what it takes from others. It only functions on violence (force). Without force or violence it can do nothing.

But still, people worship and trust in the state more than they trust in Yahweh.

This is Idolatry of the State. Withdraw your support from Satan and enter the Kingdom of Yahweh.

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