Idolatry (False God) of Science

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"Science" (so-called) has become one of Satan's greatest idols to deceive mankind. It has been especially effective among "intellectuals" and pseudo-intellectuals. These are mostly atheists and agnostics. (see Science, $cience and Faith)

Some men put their faith in science to the point that it becomes a religion to them (something they worship, something they trust more than Yahweh Himself).

Science (so-called) has robbed many of their faith in Yahweh, their faith in His creative power, their faith in the age of the world and how the world works, but most importantly, their admission that He is their Maker, Redeemer and Owner (see Two Opposing World Views). Science is the cover story for the calendar change from Yahweh's calendar to Satan's counterfeit Gregorian calendar which is supposedly superior (see Yahweh Created Time).

Science (so-called) can be a false idol - a false religion. Satan has replaced much of the faith in Yahweh with faith in pseudo-science. Most people believe that true religion (true faith) and science are mutually exclusive or incompatible. One can believe in one or the other, but NOT both.

Science started as a good thing. It is based on the Biblical principal to "prove all things"

1 Thessalonians 5:21
Prove all things; hold fast that which is good.

And report the results truthfully.

Exodus 23:1
Thou shalt not raise a false report: put not thine hand with the wicked to be an unrighteous witness.

Unfortunately, too much science has become faith based and merely pseudo-science. Too much "science" is being reported untruthfully. Many people are starting to doubt and question science. They are doubting that multi-national corporations can fund independent, true science. They are doubting that government can regulate it fairly. They are doubting "research" about "climate change" (it used to be called global warming, but that didn't work out so well). They are doubting "research" about GMOs, pesticides, vaccines and drugs. They are doubting research of diseases and believe there is more money in NOT discovering cures.

Half Of All The Literature Is False
Science is often flawed
US vaccine researcher sentenced to prison for fraud
All dissenters must be silenced and punished
Monsanto Laments Dwindling Faith in Science
Public Faith Declines as Fakery Grows
Academic Journals Filled With Junk Science

There is too much money behind all this pseudo-science and people realize that money talks. Any desired outcome can be purchased under a banner of "science".

This isn't to say that science is bad. True science is GREAT! It has helped mankind immensely. It is fraudulent, pseudo-science that is bad.

The theory of evolution (between species) has never been scientifically proven, but has been accepted as true science. I still await reading ANY scientific paper showing evolution from one species to another. The "big bang" cannot be scientifically proven, but is accepted as true science. The age of the world is dependent on assumptions that cannot be scientifically proven but have been accepted on faith, and the world continues to grow millions of years older with each passing year of "science".

Yahweh can neither be proven nor disproven scientifically, but "scientists" claim that He cannot exist based on some pseudo-science.

Science is supposed to be objective observation and experimentation based on proving or disproving a theory, publication of that work for all to see, and verification by others of its accuracy. Theories that are supported by science, scientific literature and confirmation, become accepted science.

Evolution is still only a theory, but is believed (faith based idol worship) as if it had been proven. Everyone has heard of the "THEORY of evolution". If it had been proven true, it would no longer be called a theory.

It is a theory that destroys Yahweh as Creator and Owner of all men (see Two Opposing World Views.

The true followers of this idolatry will yell and scream like any true religious fanatical believer, but will not be able to prove otherwise. It is idol worship, worship of a false god, wrongly claimed to be based on science.

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