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Politics is the "art or science" of political government. Most political discussion is based on the governments of men. Most political discussion is either an argument or complaint about that government.

The governments of men purposefully create controversy to keep their citizens engaged in those governments. It also encourages the belief that its citizens can somehow influence outcomes of the government. Governments seek to enslave the poor and widows and weak by buying their votes, keeping them dependent on the state and acting as a false god providing sustenance.

Where do the governments get the funds for this largess? They "steal" it from the people, of course. If you don't believe that this is (legalized) theft by force or coercion (the classic definition of extortion), try not to pay and see what happens.

Voting, and all the attendant foolishness like campaigning, lobbying, discussing and attempting to influence men in power is wasted energy. It invests the political animal in the government of men by giving it legitimacy, where it deserves none. More importantly, it diverts the eyes of Christians away from the Kingdom of Yahweh where they have their citizenship and residency.

Citizens of the Kingdom of Yahweh should refuse to vote because their citizenship is not of this world. They are citizens of the Kingdom of Yahweh, where their allegiance lies. Refusing to give allegiance to men's governments while holding a different citizenship should disqualify the honest Christian from voting in men's foreign elections (even if that foreign government welcomes their participation).

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