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Allegiance is the answer to most questions regarding government. Allegiance is the single most important commodity to any government. Satan wants our allegiance, Yahweh wants our allegiance. Men want our allegiance. Allegiance can't be shared, bought or sold. It can only be given and only to one.

The word "allegiance" isn't mentioned in the Bible, but it is the word that best describes the concept we understand today. "I pledge allegiance" and all that.

One dictionary says "Allegiance is a duty of fidelity said to be owed by a subject or a citizen to his/her state or sovereign."

It can also be defined as loyalty, fealty, and fidelity. Faithfulness or FAITH. The Bible is full of these words.

If you give your allegiance to (have faith in) a government of men, it's the same as giving it to Satan. Then you are a servant of Satan, serving him, and under his bondage.

If you give it to Yahweh, you have entered the Kingdom of Yahweh as one of His citizens and are under His covering and jurisdiction.

These are the only two options: Yahweh or Satan (Satan, either directly or through one of his proxies on Earth).

This is why we are saved by our faith (fealty, allegiance) in/to Yahweh, This is why Yahweh's Kingdom is spiritual - because it's based on unseen, spiritual love and faith.

Without a conscious decision to serve our Master and King, the governments of men will usurp and demand all our love, faith (allegiance), means, and attention. They require us to serve them.

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