Faith or Presumption

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In our previous study "Faith or Fear" we were convinced that faith eliminates fear, worry and anxiety... and that is true.

However, there is a counterfeit, masquerading as faith but not faith. This counterfeit promises all the benefits of faith but is unable to deliver them. This induces people to give up (lose) their faith in faith and potentially lose their faith in our Father.

This counterfeit is "presumption".

Faith is dependable. It never fails. But what about those times when, despite seeming faith, people still get sick or die or have accidents or suffer loss or....

It reminds me of a story about a farm-hand who could sleep on windy nights (Read this story here). This story demonstrates the work that accompanies faith. The farm-hand's faith let him sleep on windy nights, but without his preparation it would have been presumption. Presumption is that counterfeit thing incorrectly called faith.

What doth it profit, my brethren, though a man say he hath faith, and have not works? can faith save him? ... Even so faith, if it hath not works, is dead, being alone... For as the body without the spirit is dead, so faith without works is dead also. James 2:14,17,26 (Read the entire chapter).

My interpretation is, without works, it isn't faith at all, it is only called faith or is pretended to be faith but it is actually presumption. Presumption is doing something in opposition to faith, while still hoping for the benefits of faith.

Faith isn't a magic word that grants every wish.

Faith does not negate the law of cause and effect

Faith does not relieve responsibility to act (works)

Faith does not interfere with love. True Faith is True Love.

Faith does not replace following the shepherd

Faith is not a substitute for obeying His law

Faith does not overturn natural laws, but at times may seem as if it has. We call the result a miracle.

Let's consider some examples:

This article is being written in the middle of the covid flu season. Is it faith or presumption to believe in health and healing while living an unhealthy lifestyle? Does it matter if the unhealthy lifestyle is lived in ignorance?

The answer to this question lies in the law of cause and effect. We have a responsibility to learn these laws and reason from cause to effect. Knowingly breaking these laws while expecting health would be presumption. Unknowingly, may lead to the same result, but I am unable to judge. Is ignorance of the law an excuse? I don't know. What do you think?

What if the farm-hand in the story had neglected his duties? It would have been presumption to believe he could sleep through the storm and he probably would have been fired. But, since he knew he was ready, by faith he could sleep without fear.

How about the prodigal son while living a careless, profligate life? Would it be faith or presumption to believe in success and prosperity?

We know that Satan's tempting the Messiah to jump off the high place while claiming faith in the Father's protection would be presumption, not faith.

Faith isn't a genie in a bottle granting wishes. That belief would be presumption.

There is no valid reason to worry or fear unless something in our life has interfered with our faith. The only solution is fix it and hold onto faith.

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