Babylon's Fake Money

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Fiat currency is fake money. All fiat currency eventually becomes worthless. Fiat currency has no intrinsic value. It has value only because it is declared (pretended) to, by fiat (government decree). But that can't make it so. The U.S. dollar is actually a DEBT note not money. It was borrowed into existence and monetized. It is evidence of debt (credit), not money or value. Debt (credit) is the opposite of money. All the currency in the world is fake, fiat debt/credit currency.

“Paper money eventually returns to its intrinsic value — zero.” Voltaire

Fiat currency always (eventually) inflates (decreases in value), then hyper-inflates (decreasing GREATLY in value), then becomes worthless. This may be what causes the fall of Babylon. When people lose faith in the currency they lose faith in the issuer of that currency. This could be Toto, pulling open the curtain and exposing the "wizard" leading to the fall and destruction of Babylon with all its fake currency in all countries.

When currency becomes worthless, people have nothing with which to buy. Sometime before complete worthlessness, it will take a wheelbarrow load of currency to buy a loaf of bread. Once completely worthless, no number of wagon loads can buy anything.

Possesing the mark of the beast won't help. Permission to access the financial system does no good when that system is so broken that it's non-functional.

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