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We can consider Protestantism as the third group of Yahweh's chosen people, even though it is actually composed of many, smaller groups of Christian denominations. Each of these smaller groups can, and have, and are in some (different) stage of corporate apostasy, as is the total group as a whole.

Protestantism was Yahweh's plan for the restoration of His government (rulership and law). We have been deceived into believing that the controversy is about religion, when it is really about government. Yes, it is spiritual, but more about spiritual government than "religion". Yahushua (Jesus) spoke continuously about "KINGDOM" not "CHURCH". see "Gospel of the Kingdom"

1. Changing Government.

Most protestant churches, like the church of Rome have implemented hierarchical church government structures, in opposition to Yahweh's true pattern. Hierarchical structures are pyramid shaped with the point up. Usually, some power hungry man possesses the top spot with men under him, others under him, until finally, the broad base has nobody below. To the extent any denomination uses this pattern of organization, it has taken Step 1 on the path to corporate apostasy.

Most protestant church organizations are created, beholden to, and subject to their creator and master, the state. This defines them as a harlot riding the beast of man's governement. This includes any church organized as a corporation under the laws of any state.

2. Obeying man instead of Yahweh.

The Protestant churches have been much less blatant in enforcing obedience to men than the Jewish and Roman churches. However, the more apostasy in any government, the more authority will be exercised by men higher up the pyramid.

Many denominations have had one influential founder largely responsible for the beliefs of that denomination. To the extent that founder is followed instead of Christ, he (or she) is being obeyed instead of Christ.

3. Hiding the name of "Yahweh".

Most Protestant churches have perpetuated the ineffable name doctrine of the Jews and Romans. However, they are less likely to know it and more likely to be innocent victims of bad Bible translations. Almost ALL Bible versions have removed the true name "YHWH" (Yahweh) and substituted the titles "LORD" or "God". see Conspiracy #3 - the Protestants and Me?.

4. Substituting Yahweh's sign, His Sabbath.

Most of the Protestant denominations have followed Rome in observing the substitute Roman Sunday for sabbath, however, some have followed the Jews instead, by observing the substitute Talmudic Saturday for sabbath. Both are false substitutes. Both are apostasy and neither are the "seventh day" Sabbath of Yahweh's law. see "Yahweh Created Time".

5. Changing Yahweh's laws.

Protestants claim and attempt to follow the Bible only. To the extent they are successful they are also faithful and without apostasy. To the extent they follow their own false traditions and force these on their members, they continue the apostasy.

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