Salvation and Atonement

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Most world "religions" contain myths, stories, theories and doctrines of Salvation and Atonement. In this study we will only examine the Israelite-Christian viewpoint and the relationship between "salvation" and "atonement". Many Bible verses may seem to support false theories, and there are many. Each theory must be weighed against known Truth. Each verse leading to a false theory must be harmonized. Many atonement theories contradict each other, so cannot all be true. At least one ATONEMENT is true. Test your beliefs against these and remember, only the Spirit of Yahweh can assist in sorting it out.


What is Salvation?

What is Damnation?

What is Atonement?

What Was Messiah's Sacrifice?

How is One Saved?

Atonement in General

Common Theories of Atonement
        Governmental Theory of Atonement
        Penal Substitution Theory of Atonement
        Satisfaction Theory of Atonement
        Ransom Theory of Atonement
        Scapegoat Theory of Atonement
        Moral Influence Theory of Atonement
        Recapitulation Theory of Atonement
        Christ Victorious Theory of Atonement

True Biblical Atonement