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I don't pretend or claim to be an expert, scholar or wiseman.

My only claim is my intention to study God's Word with an open heart and mind, which can lead to revelation by His Spirit.

I share here the results of a portion of those studies.

Some thoughts and conclusions have been "borrowed" from others. Some, to my knowledge, are original (not derived from other people but directly inspired by the Spirit - God's Spirit, I trust).

This website is presented without all the color and glitz because it depends on God's Spirit for impression, not a smooth or flashy presentation. It's colors are "Black and White" because that is how truth and error are depicted. The world is filled with too much gray - too much that is relative, neither right or wrong, neither hot or cold.

I credit the Biblical texts, not because the authors want edification, but so you can verify my writing and to allow further study in complete context. Emphasis may be added within Bible verses. Editorial content within verses will be enclosed in square brackets [ ].

This work is far from unabridged, complete and exhaustive. My goal was to be complete enough to convey the concept, but summarily enough to keep the message easily understood.

If you believe I have erred or reached any false conclusions, I welcome your correction given in the spirit of help and brotherhood.

I may or may not reply to you. I may or may not agree with you. But I will read and consider with an open mind and heart, whatever you write.