Holidays or Holy Days?

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First we will explore the similarities. Satan's modus operandi is to take every thing Yahweh created or instituted, copy it, secularize it, or paganise it, or destroy it, and pass it off as good. It is counterfeit. All counterfeits, by necessity, resemble the original, but they are NOT the original.

Yahweh's Holy-Days include food (a feast) relaxation (rest or recreation), regularly recurring for remembrance, celebration, family, friends and worship.

Satan's holidays do too.

So what's the difference? and why does it matter?

There are two differences and they are doozies!

Time and author! Let's explore both:


This relates to when the feasts occur. Some of Yahweh's and Satan's feasts overlap or are close together in time. To make this difference less noticeable and more successful, Satan changed time. Yahweh's Holy-Days cannot be found on Satan's calendar. PERIOD!

Daniel 7:25
And he shall speak great words against the most High, and shall wear out the saints of the most High, and think to change times...

For a more complete study of Yahweh's time see Yahweh Created Time and for a study of the difference between Yahweh's time and Satan's time see How Yahweh's Time Differs.

WHEN we feast determines WHO we worship... who we trust, follow and obey. This is the importance of correct time.


The greatest difference between Yahweh's Holy-Days and Satan's holidays is who authored them. This probably seems self-evident, but is important to state.

If the author is Yahweh, then it is one of His Holy-Day feasts. If the author is Satan (or one of his minions, such as the beast of Rome) then it is a Satanic, pagan holiday feast.

Who do you choose to trust, follow and obey, and when?

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